Thursday, March 15, 2007

Question: Are my Deviant Inclinations OK?

Ozzy "the T-shirt-eating Machine" says:

Dear Marvin:
I am currently in a love triangle with my cockatiel roomate and her ohter intrest (another cockatiel). I am a Nanday Conure and figure I could win her over with my striking good looks, bold coloring, and charming personality. . . so far I've had less then good fortune. What are your thoughts on my situation, and interspecies relationships in general?

Dear Ozzy:

I have identified your problem. You are a pervert.

You need to knock that off.


aelfheld said...

What's a little zoophilia between friends?

Wile E. said...

Sorry Marv,

I'm goin' with the Ozzmeister on this one. Perpetuation of sterotypes is A-OK in my book. If we're all going to be painted with the same broad brush, some of us should be getting something out of it.

richard mcenroe said...

If you use a feather, you're kinky.

If you use the whole cockatiel, you're a pervert.

Or Larry Flynt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry buddy, until you grow a crest, she's just never going to fancy you. Color, schmoller. You're thinking like a conure. For 'tiels, it's all in the crest.

(By the way, ladies, I have a magnificent crest)

--Cody the cockatiel