Sunday, March 11, 2007

Marv the Answer Bird Goes Online

Hi, adoring fans! Marvin the parrot here. I know you all enjoyed my wonderful insanely cute Youtube video, which you can see right here:

I am very sorry it has been so long since I put it up. I know all humans crave Marv videos and dream about scratching my head and feeding me peanuts. Unfortunately, my human is pretty stupid so when his video camera broke, it took him forever to send it in for repairs. I tried to signal my disapproval by pooping on objects he treasures--and in his hair--but this turned out to be a bad strategy, as I do this by default anyway.

I don't know if you know what a human is. It's a lot like a monkey, only less dignified.

Feel free to post your questions in my comments, and I will exercise my infallible bird judgment and answer the ones I like best. I hope to have more Youtube videos up shortly, but as I have already said, my human is not the brightest light on the tree, so please try to be patient. I think we all agree that I am worth it.


Jean said...

Did you teach your human how to weld? Has he done anything with that yet?

Walt said...

Hello Marvin. Alfie and I just listened (well, I watched the video also) to your video and Alfie did his best to match your whistles and hoots, etc.
I noticed that you both make several identical sounds, as if you and Alfie have met somehow but I know this can't be true. Anyway, glad to see you will be answering questions, etc. and showing the world what African Greys are capable of.

Susskins said...

No wonder your human is insane.