Thursday, March 22, 2007

Question: Pretty Feathers to Dye For?


This is how life should be. The cockatoo should get all the squeezing and attention, and the grey thing should be put in the sock drawer.

Here is the question, which came from Richard McEnroe:

Does your human try to make you wear silly shamrock-theme junk on St. Patrick's Day?

As everyone knows, cockatoos are God's most beautiful and fun to squeeze creatures. It is not necessary to decorate us. It is only necessary to love us and hold us and never look away even for a second unless you want to get bitten.

However the grey thing as been known to dye itself green by dumping green wooden blocks in his water dish and then bobbing for them.


Mr Mollo's Mom said...

Please. If your human really loves you - all he/she will do is stuff like blow on your tummy, stick your head in his mouth (like the lion tamer thingie) and let you sit on his head in the shower.

Make you look ridiculous in some silly green outfit? C'mon.

B.T.W. I saw that either Maynard or Marvin linked my blog to your blog! Now Mr Mollo really is going to be upset......

Marv The Answer Bird said...

I know another way to turn your feathers green, if I could just get the human to put my perch above yours.