Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Marv!

I know that video was the most wonderful thing you ever saw in your life. 'Cause I GOT it like that.

I had the human edit another video. It's mostly the same stuff, remixed to make it even cuter, if that is possible. Frankly I doubt it.

I uploaded it to my new Youtube account. Don't tell me you love it. I already know.

Now, if that camera will just come back from the factory, I can bless you with some new material.


Kim said...

Marvin-Your conversation with your human is similar to many of my conversations with humans. How do you explain that?
Also, do you paint your nails?

Zywicki said...

Since Parrots are fierce warrior creatures, you must have learned the notion of "Cuteness" from someone else. Tell your teacher that there a many nice Pontiac Solstices and berry flavored malt beverages availlable right now.