Sunday, March 11, 2007

Question: Would I Hit It?

Reader and avid admirer Keith has a question. Because humans are so similar to their more-advanced descendants--monkeys--you would think all their questions would be about bananas. However sometimes they are not.

A female Myna bird: would you hit it?

I really don't understand the question. I have no problem with Mynah birds or any other minorities. As long as they concede their obvious inferiority. However I would hit a cockatoo as often as possible. With the giant metal paddle mentioned in an earlier answer.

When the human brought me here, there was a pre-existing cockatoo, and it is STILL HERE. Even after the upgrade process. The cockatoo is clearly obsolete and needs to be put out with the trash.

I at least wish the human would put my cage above the cockatoo's, so I could poop on it. This is just common sense.

As it is, our cages are several feet apart, which would require me to poop sideways. At velocities I cannot manage with current technology.


Maynard said...

Trash?! HMMF! Trash?!?!?!


Squeeze it and love it and give it a nice wooden chair to eat.

And see if that grey thing will go in the vacuum cleaner.

Suze said...

Good grief - bird wars!!

richard mcenroe said...

Marvin, I'm sorry but the vaccum cleaner line makes me laugh every time I read it...