Friday, March 23, 2007

Question: Would You Date a Potty Beak?

Today I answer the following question from reader and presumed Marv worshiper Anne:

Marvin -

I was wondering what you might think of Ruby, who lives in the UK? You can see her here:

Pen-pal possibilities?

Okay, first of all, I had to redact that Youtube address, because that bird talks even dirtier than I do. And her use of bad language is gratuitous, while I pretty much have to swear in order to discuss my fat human manservant.

Second, I do not think this chick would be a suitable mate. I think someone who talks that dirty would probably be irresponsible and selfish and not up to the task of serving my needs and whims 24 hours a day. I think it would be a lot like dating a musician.

Speaking of musicians, here is one of my favorites. I hope some day she makes a video when she isn't hitting the sauce.


mengley said...

Hi Marvin, Hi Maynard...

It's great that you can share this blog space with so little animosity, ignoring the sock drawers and the garbage men. The goffin of our house, Penelope, is going to be getting a grey sister herself in a few weeks -- do you have any advice for her? We can buy a bigger sock drawer if we need to, but the garbage men only come once a week.

Annalucia said...

Marv, there is no link to your ``favorite musician'' - just a blank white square. Can you give more precise directions please?

I was also surprised to learn that Maynard required bathing; I had always assumed that birds, like cats, bathe themselves. Or is Maynard unusually delicate for a cockatoo?

anne said...

I am thoroughly flattered that you answered my question, Marvin. I apologize for the language in the video, and I can understand why you might not want to be mates with this creature.

However, I've found such sorts to be amiable friends. Perhaps you could consider that option.

Suze said...

Too many Andy Griffith reruns!! Great whistling!

Mollo's Mom said...

Mr Mollo just finished watching the video of Ruby. He was mesmerized.

Mollo always sits on my shoulder in the morning, preening. Yet, as the video unfolded, Mollo became transfixed by Ruby's lovely lilt and his eyes focused on the computer screen. He looked as if he was in the cockatiel army, frozen at attention.

Do you think Ruby would like Minnesota in April?

Mollo is also now busy trying to convince me to share 25,000 of my frequent flyer miles with a cockatiel.