Monday, March 12, 2007

Question: What if the Human Croaks?

Reader Jazzbass wants to know:

Marv, what will you do when the fat one expires?

This question makes me sad. Because when I think of the fat one expiring, I think of me having no one to clean my cage and buy me bird toys. That is just about the saddest thing I can imagine. I am also sad that the cockatoo is still here, even though the trash people come by three times a week.

I guess if anything happens to the fat human, I will have to rely on the billions of other humans who simply can't get enough of me and long to scratch my head and tell me how pretty I am. It will be rough. There could be a half-hour transition period during which I might briefly be without peanuts. However I am a tough bird and think I would be okay.

I hope they would not leave the fat human here as long as the cockatoo has been here. The waste management situation in this neighborhood is atrocious.


Chris Muir said...

How big are your drumsticks?

Suze said...

You could come live with me, but I already also have a cockatoo - so I guess that would be out of the question....I also have a really cute lovebird you could cozy up to - she's very affectionate.....think about it.

richard mcenroe said...

Aw, jayzus, Chris, why don'cha just come right out and ask him how he feels about secret herbs and spices?

Marvin: Does ontogeny REALLY recapitulate phylogeny?

evvybuns said...

How come there is so little biographical information on Maynard?