Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Question: do I Support Immigration Reform?

Richard McEnroe asks:

So do you support John McCain's Open Cages Migration Reform Initiative?

Who is this McCain person? What relevance does he have to my sublime and near-divine existence? Is he involved in any way with the production or distribution of peanuts? If not, I see no reason to acknowledge him.

As for immigration reform, I am a hundred percent in favor. As noted in earlier posts, I keep trying to assist a local cockatoo in migrating to the landfill. One good piece of reform would be to grant me authority to issue a deportation order, to be carried out by the nearest fat human of general cockatoo jurisdiction.

I would also support amnesty for all aliens involved in picking fruit which I later eat or fling at the wall.

Here is a video of a bird who needs fashion help.

Here is the same bird after being properly spoiled for a while.

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Keith said...

Apparently Maxie's previous owners need to be deported.

Suze said...

Marv, I think that you should have all the badly treated birds migrate to your house for a big party. There might be girls that need your love and attention, not to mention your great wisdom.

Suze said...

Marv - you know all, being "The Answer Bird". Is global warming real or just a brain fart of Al Gore's?