Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Deal With the Po-Po

People are telling me about a Japanese parrot that told the police his name and address. Like I am supposed to be impressed. That parrot is stupid.

If I ended up at a police station, I would not waste my time trying to get back to the fat human. Because I know what they have at police stations. Doughnuts. I would say cute things about doughnuts until I was so stuffed I had to be rolled into a cell.

By the way, those cells are another good reason not to go home. They're the biggest cages around, and you can walk right out through the bars whenever you want.

Here is a bird who could be useful in a jailbreak:

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Suze said...

Marv, I think the human needs you. You could never replace your human's love with doughnuts.

Keith said...

Are you saying that Cockatoos are actually useful?