Monday, April 23, 2007

Question: Day Bird or Night Bird?

Barton Stano asks:

I still worship you Marvin.
Are you a AM bird or a night bird?
Is your primate a night primate or a AM primate?

Dear Barton:

Thank you for the nice question. I enjoyed reading it almost as much as eating a peanut or pooping under a couch cushion where the human will not discover it until months later.

Here is how it works. If the human is active at night and wants to sleep late in the mornings, I am a morning bird, and I spend the early hours of the day doing my marvelous imitation of a car alarm.

On the other hand, what if the human is active in the morning and wants to get to sleep early? Why, then I become a night bird and serenade him to sleep with about four hours of microwave beeps and assorted vulgarities.

He does not seem very grateful; in fact he has threatened to put me in the refrigerator. He has not followed through on his threat, which is sad, because there is a lot of good stuff in there.

Now here is a video of a bunch of wet birds.

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mengley said...

Do you and Maynard both follow the same pattern, to work against the human? Is there some sort of uneasy truce that forms in that situation?

Calli, our new buddy, is letting the goffin preen her head. Do you think she's luring her into a false sense of security?

delfina said...

Be aware, in the frige you can see a chicken, nobody knows what he did to be there, naked and dead...

Sunny, Shelly and Molotov Cockatiel said...

Ooooh, Marv. You are SUCH an inspiration!

Our mom is usually up pretty early. But - on the days when she is not, we usually aren't too loud. If we know she is sleeping, we'll kinda whisper... Want to let her know that WE are up and would like to be able to get out of the prison walls. We do, however, go out of our way to not be too demanding.

Of course, if she is selecting that particular day to be an incredible slug, then the volume must, of necessity, be raised. Even little parrots like ourselves do have limits!

Cody the cockatiel said...

Marv, When you are entertaining the human with your excellent imitations and other tricks does the human sometimes put you in your cage and cover it? What do you think this means?

Kat said...

Dear Marvin,

You are such a brilliant bird! However, it was rather disappointing to see the bird-shower video without a proper Marvin commentary on how bird showers OUGHT to be done. Something tells me that Marv-showers are not so placid.

Is it the modesty issue that forbids you to show us how a proper bird showers?

-- Kat
[who knows how to be properly respectful - mostly - around brilliant birds]

Jennifer said...

I dreamt of you last night, Marvin. I dreamt I brought a bag of peanuts as an offering, but your human thwarted my efforts. This raises the question: do you like your peanuts with the shells? And where should I ship them?

Gradual Dazzle said...

Dear Maynard,

I'd love to read any of your beauty advice which you'd care to share with your loyal fanbase.


Mollo said...

Marv - You haven't posted for over a week.

Did Maynard close the door to the fridge when you were rooting around in the leftovers with your beak?

homebru said...

Marvin, recent events reported in another blog have caused me to wonder what an independent-thinking parrot does at home while his human goes misadventuring on the high seas?

Do parrots dream of becoming pirates?

Willie said...


I am a pekin duck who needs your help. My human had fallen in love with your awesome ways. Following her all day and waddling used to get me far, but now you've raised the bar. Can you share any special tricks that'll help me win her attention?


Jennifer said...

Marvin, we're getting very worried about you. What has Maynard done to you?!

Gradual Dazzle said...

I hear that fine psittacines such as yourself often outlive their primates. How old are you, and how soon do you think the Fat Human will keel over so I can have you for my own?

Luciloo said...

Marv, I think you're deluded. Obviously Maynard, like all cockatoos, is a much superior bird to yourself (just look at the beautiful crest!). You were not brought into the house as a replacement, but rather as a distraction and amusement for the fabulous and beautiful cockatoo, much in the way that a puppy will be bought for a child. Get used to it!

Margaret said...

Marv, when will you post again/