Thursday, August 28, 2008

Question: Do I Sometimes Want Colorful Feathers?

Suze wants to know: "Marv - do you sometimes wish you had more colorful feathers, like, say, a macaw?"


That is an excellent question. Frankly, I believe grey is the most distinguished color. My daily garb is basically a bird business suit. Which is one of the reasons I command mad respect.

Nonetheless, I sometimes crave a little more color. So I break one of my dyed toys, throw it in the water dish, and mash my head in the water. I also have a ceramic perch I sometimes use to dye my face pink. You just have to rub it real good.

You should know this. Don't you have a perch?

Video, featuring a bird plus the Gipsy Kings:

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Barton Stano said...

Friends of your in New Zealand on a rampage:

Please comment o'wise one...
I worship you Marvin!!!

Suze said...

Ah - a grey business suit - of the best taste, of course. Thanks for answering my question. And while I don't have a perch myself, I do know about're one smart bird!!