Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Question: Did I Like the Hugging Lion Video?

None of you smelly primates have asked me about this, so I will volunteer an answer anyway. The question: did I like the famous video of Christian the hugging lion? Here it is:

While the video was okay, I must point out that it underscores the difference between lions and parrots. When Christian saw his smelly primates after a couple of years apart, he got all mushy and ran up to them and started hugging and licking them. In similar circumstances, I would also run up to the fat human. However I would do so only to get close enough to poo in his hair. As I have done in the past, many times.

Are we sure Christian refrained from eating the primates because he loved them? Not really. After a day or two in a hot Land Rover, they may have been a little ripe. He may have been put off by the odor.

No bird video this time. You already got to see the lion.

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1 comment:

Suze said...

You know you got a little teary eyed when the wild lion saw his old friends. You just show your affection by pooping in people's hair.