Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Favorite Low-Cal Snack

Readers want to know how I stay so thin and gorgeous. Who can blame them? I think I'll reveal one of my dieting secrets.

One of my favorite snacks is hot air from the blow dryer. First, I alert the fat human to the fact that I want him to spray me with warm water. I do this by diving into my water dish. Then I permit him to blow-dry me for fifteen minutes or so. And while he does this, I chew on the delicious hot air that comes out of the dryer. It tastes wonderful, and it has no calories at all.

I wish the fat human would avail himself of the hot water supply more often; not to drop too broad a hint.

Here is a bird video:

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Anonymous said...

Noticed you haven't been posting much lately. Is all of this exercise and dieting cutting into your pondering time? Too much of a good thing can be bad, you know. Maybe you should take a lesson from your human.

Marv The Answer Bird said...

If I want to learn something from a mere primate, I will inquire about the best way to scratch my behind.

Suze said...

Marv - do you sometimes wish you had more colorful feathers, like, say, a macaw?