Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Question: What do I Do With Inexpensive Bird Cookies?

Reader and hairless monkey Keith inquires:

What do you do with the inexpensive bird cookies? Or does the fat human even bother to get the inexpensive ones?

First I must agree emphatically with your use of the term "fat."

As for inexpensive bird cookies, I am pretty sure there aren't any. The fat human pays like seven bucks for a tiny bag of Nutri-Berries, which are a well-known brand. They taste okay, but where they really shine is ballistics. I can fling one maybe twenty feet, which sends the fat human into hysterics, which, I can only assume, mean he is impressed.

I will now mount the cage and permit my admirers to approach and squeeze my majestic toes.

Bird video:

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Suze said...

I buy those freakin' nutri-berries also. Beasley likes them every day - and they are usually everywhere. When I clean out his cage, I take the shredded crumbs and put them outside for the wild birds, who think they've died and gone to heaven. Spoiled pet birds.

Sparrow said...

Wait, "pet birds"? I thought the birds had "pet humans."

Wormathan said...

What is your opinion on the use of makeup to attract females? See story at http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2008/06/03/bird-testosterone.html?dcitc=w01-101-ae-0001)

aelfheld said...

What is your personal best in Nutri-Berry flinging?

Is Maynard in the running?