Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Fling

I have an important announcement to make. I am in love.

I met the most wonderful girl while throwing things off the fat human's end table. She has stunning grey and black coloring, one bright red eye, and two AA batteries. She is a mouse. Her name is Logitech. Is that the most beautiful name you ever heard? Except for "Marv"?

Of course it is.

She is pretty coy, so at this point we are still just flirting. I chase her around and drag her from one end of the table and make special alluring bird romance noises to her. Then I put my head down and wait for her to rub my feathers, but she refuses. I guess she is old-fashioned. I know she wants to do it. Everyone wants to do it.

I can't see any place on her for eggs to come out. But that is not a problem. We can always adopt. Besides, having the fat human around is a lot like raising a slow child.

Truly, she is the apple or even peanut of my eye. Although she is not Apple-compliant.

The obsolete white bird is jealous. He used to have a girlfriend, which was an old blue washcloth. But I think he ate her. Maybe he will find new love when they finally cart him to the dump.

You hairless monkeys have been demanding Marv videos, so I will post an old favorite. Over 140,000 monkeys have viewed it with pleasure.

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HEATHER said...

AAWW! The joys of young love!!

Maynard the Cockatoo said...

You are a prevert and a race-mixer.

People should squeeze me instead of reading about your preversions.

Mollo's Mom said...

Mr Mollo fell in love with an empty Kleenex tissue box. (Actually - it was Kirkland - but - when you're in love, details such as that do not matter.)

Ignore Maynard. He is obviously seething with jealousy at Marv's joyous rapture.