Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Believe it or Not, Humans Can be Useful

Here's a fun new thing to do that will probably become a fad.

Find yourself an obese human who has nothing important to do. Have him grab your feet. Then have him put you on top of his head on your back and make him rub you all over his scalp like a loofah.

Make sure he is clean first. I find that I can stimulate my human to take a shower by pooping in his hair.

I roll around on my human's head like four times a day, and in addition to being fun, it does wonders for my back. Which is always sore from lifting peanuts.

And now a video.

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Anonymous said...

I have a question.

Is Marv short for Marvelous?

mengley said...

Marv, Marv... whither hast thou gone?

Sunny The Budgie said...

Marv. Did you eat all the keys off of the keyboard?

You never post anymore :(

richard mcenroe said...

So, where do dramatic chipmunks register on the Parrott Scale?

aelfheld said...

Branching out?

Anonymous said...

Where are all the posts?? Its been months...

Caique said...

Love your blog! What a fun way to start off the day.

I run a bird blog too- would you like to swap links?

drop me a line if you are interested :)